Press & Quotes

"...the choreography is clever and perfectly executed"

— What's On, London (Review of 9 to 5, The Musical UK Tour)

"Backed by a stellar band of musicians and directed and choreographed by Lisa Stevens, this is a Broadway-worthy production, with an 18-member cast. When they are all dancing together, there is magic on that stage."

— The Cambridge Record, Arts & Theatre (Review of GREASE)

"Lisa Stevens' choreography is a critical element of this show's success, tapping the energy and passion of the young ensemble, challenging their talent and delivering loads of fun."

— Joe Belanger, The London Free Press

"...Lisa Stevens keeps the show bubbling with a sparkling, propulsive effervescence..."

— Mark Shenton, London Theater News on DOLLY PARTON'S 9 TO 5: THE MUSICAL, West End

"Lisa Stevens' handling of the 50-member cast and ensemble reinforces my opinion of her as one of Canada's leading choreographers."

— Joe Belanger, The London Free Press

"Mamma Mia is one of those shows that is a pleasure to revisit. It features the music of the 70's Swedish rock group ABBA. The direction and choreography by Lisa Stevens is beyond reproach. The amount of use they get out of a small stage with multiple drops, rolling platforms, and choreographed prop changes is remarkable."

— Alan Portner, Broadway World review

"To call Lisa Stevens a Choreographer just doesn't do justice to the role she plays in a production, be it film, television or the stage. Lisa uses her abilities — in the area of dance and movement — to better communicate the essential narrative elements. She is first and foremost a storyteller. It's impossible to overstate her contribution.

"I spend my time quietly devising new and ambitious ways to work with her."

— Liam Romalis, Producer, Riddle Films

"Ours was a production that was most eclectic and called on a wide range of Lisa's skills as we varied from classical dance scenes, to campy musical styles, to stylized Motown to a full costumed Chinese Lion Dance. The speed at which Lisa worked, her striking inventiveness, her high degree of musicality and her sense of fun all made her a tremendous asset to our production. Perhaps the most important aspects of Lisa's work were two things: her adaptability to the stringent requirements of film, altering choreography on a dime if it better suited the particular scene; and her remarkable talent for working with people, gaining their trust immediately whether they were highly seasoned dancers or first-timers who came to the process with shyness and insecurity and became very confident in their abilities that Lisa uncovered in them. Personally, as the director of the film, I came to rely on Lisa's talents more and more — often getting her to direct, not just the choreography and movement but the acting performances themselves! "

— Larry Weinstein, Director

"...Lisa Stevens's percussive, street-stylin' choreography is terrific; it's especially fun to catch the ornamentations that explode every now and then behind scenes, going off like little firecrackers."

— Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"His (Jeff Calhoun's) choreographer, Lisa Stevens, is one of the real stars of this production, capable of setting the stage spinning with punched up cheerleader routines, phenomenal basketball "ballets," and even a sendup of a classic jazz dance duet..."

— Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

"A great big dose of heart, cracking feel-good tunes and slick choreography"

— Lancashire Telegraph, UK

" ...stunners..string of showstoppers...Lisa Stevens' tightly upright po-face choreography contributes wittingly..."

— Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"...the dances here are choreographed impressively by Lisa Stevens, who incorporates elements of hip-hop and gymnastics as well as mock basketball moves into the four big production numbers." 

— John Olson, Talkin' Broadway

"MARY POPPINS will leave you breathless...The spectacular numbers (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Jolly Holiday, Let's Go Fly a Kite) will lift you out of your seat." 

— Colin MacLean, Edmonton Sun

" hilarious scene and musical number after the next. The choreography is tops; for that we have Lisa Stevens to thank. Vancouver, you're in for a fun evening!"

— Vancouverscape

"The changeability of the sets is almost magical, especially when choreographed by Lisa Stevens...The waiters' dance, at the opening of the second act, is the highlight of the show. It alone is worth the price of admission."

— Jane Penistan,