Lisa Stevens

Intimacy Coordinator/Director


“Thank you for existing in the space that you do. I am immensely grateful. IMMENSELY! Because of the work you do, and your professional, connected, gentle, patient and knowledgeable approach, I am able to walk away from this role feeling positive, with a great sense of accomplishment!

“The scenes you helped us navigate could have gone differently, spoiling the experience, but I am certain that your presence, and guidance, allowed me to feel as clear headed about the work then as I do now."

— L.A. Sweeney, actress
LAST RESORT, feature film


Thread (Trailer)
Archipelago Productions
Director: Alex Josselyn-Hamilton


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What is an Intimacy Coordinator?

An Intimacy Coordinator is a practitioner who advocates for the actor when scenes of intimate content, including nudity, sexual simulation or power dynamics exist. An IC brings a skill and a process to the set much like a stunt coordinator brings to a fight or a choreographer brings to a dance. Through open communication and clear conversations an IC establishes boundaries and consent amongst all departments so that the actor feels safe and emboldened to deliver a compelling story. An IC is NOT the sex police — quite the opposite. Once a set is deemed consensual, and boundaries are in place, the actor is liberated to connect to the physical and emotional story-telling...and have fun with it.


When You Need An Intimacy Coordinator

  • During intimacy — scenes and/or moments which involve nudity, inferred nudity, or simulated sex or sex acts
  • Family Narratives — when children hug and/or kiss their parents, who are not actually their parents
  • Birthing scenes
  • Non-consensual acts of simulated sex or simulated sex acts
  • Scenes involving pole-dancing and night-club dancing
  • When creating scenes involving allure, seduction and passion
  • Policy Support — developing, implementing and applying riders.
  • Casting and transparency
  • If an actor feels they need additional support, a bystander, or help moving through challenging material.

What I Bring

  • Over 30 years of professional experience in Choreography, Direction and Movement
  • Patience during challenging situations
  • Working aside the director as opposed to leading them.
  • Open communication
  • Practices for tagging in/out, establishing boundaries, and receiving consent in a timely manner
  • Options
  • Administration support — riders, coordinating departments.

For services contact:
Peter daCosta
daCosta Talent Agency
Toronto, Ontario

For UK services contact:
Agent: Sam Day
InterTalent Group
+44 (0) 207 427 5681


“Chemistry is rooted in vulnerability between two harmonious minds. Giving actors the freedom to explore that authentic, intimate expression in a safe, consensual, and diverse space is my role."